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GWI launches Wellness Coaching Initiative

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has launched a new initiative on wellness coaching to empower individuals and businesses around the world to more confidently partner with wellness coaches.

These coaches are seen as a unique force that can drive positive, personal and long-term lifestyle change. GWI’s mission is to clarify wellness coach specialties and global guidelines through education and community resources. Initiative chair is Susan O’Connor, CEO, PranaHealth Strategies & Wellness Coach.

The Wellness Coaching Initiative intends to publish a white paper to help select an evidence-based coaching practice and accredited professional who specialises in unique wellness needs.

“Diet, exercise, a sense of community and purpose are proven to influence health and wellbeing. While many people would like to make healthy choices, it is not easy to make a choice and have the inspiration to take the first steps. Wellness coaching provides the education, mindset and motivation to help drive positive behavior change and integrate holistic, personalised strategies for optimising health and wellbeing,” states the GWI.

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