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GWD celebration goes online on 13 June

The 9th Annual Global Wellness Day (CWD) celebration will be live streamed on Saturday, 13 June over 24 hours across six continents.

Founded in 2012 by Turkish spa professional, Belgin Aksoy, GWD is an entirely not-for-profit day that is an international social project dedicated to living well. The fundamental purpose of the day is to make us aware of the value of our lives.

Thus far this international movement includes 94 GWD Ambassadors, 26 key supporters and four advisors, who are lifestyle-oriented entrepreneurs and wellness professionals from all around the world. GWD is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of every June in more than 8,500 locations around the world only with complimentary activities.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 event on 13 June will feature never-before-done 24-hour live streaming of wellness across the world. High profile participants include: singer Reba McEntire, singer / actor Lance Bass, plant forward chef Matthew Kenny, world record holder base jumper / wingsuit flyer Cengiz Kocak, international transformational speaker Sah Simone, and former NBA basketball player Omri Casspi. These personalities and many more GWD supporters will help build communities of wellness via complimentary classes and tools to enhance physical and mental wellbeing, immunity, nutrition, love and compassion.

Never before has the GWD message been more meaningful than now during a global pandemic — when people of all races, religions and cultures are actively seeking ways to stay well and positive. This year, GWD will take advantage of cutting-edge technology to mount a 24-hour livestream celebration from sunrise to sunset around the globe.

On 13 June, the online GWD celebration will showcase an ongoing range of educational and complimentary presentations — ranging from wingsuit base jump to dance to astrology to nutrition to Muay Thai exercises to plant forward cooking classes – that will be available through GWD’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

For more information about GWD 2020 click here

Look out for the hashtag #globalwellnessday to follow what happens on this inspirational day.

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