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Global Wellness Day announces theme of 2022 event

#ThinkMagenta is the theme of this year’s Global Wellness Day (GWD), which will be celebrated on Saturday, June 11.

Founded in 2012, GWD is an entirely not-for-profit wellness movement that is celebrated on the second Saturday of every June in tens of thousands of locations around the world. All participatory wellness activities that take place on GWD are completely complimentary.

Says GWD founder, Belgin Aksoy: “#ThinkMagenta is an idea that rises amidst the negativity in the world – a reminder with a positive effect on life. This year, GWD Ambassadors, key supporters and volunteers have vowed to work together to change people’s lives in a positive way and to add colour to their thoughts.”

In 2022 GWD will incorporate the theme by inviting people to #ThinkMagenta, recommending simple but effective affirmations, reminding people that living well begins in the mind. When you know where to look, there is a good side to even the toughest days. GWD wants to spread the #ThinkMagenta philosophy within communities and beyond.

“This year’s GWD theme is not about being optimistic, it is about being realistic,” continues Aksoy. “Things happen in our lives and we have the choice to call them good or bad things. Sometimes difficulties, failures or illnesses become the greatest teachers. No matter what is happening we can always find a way to choose joy.”

She explains that #ThinkMagenta is simple to do whether at home, in the office or outside. It all starts with three extremely easy steps - stop, breathe and smile. In stressful, anxious, tense and negative moments, #ThinkMagenta provides a very simple way to disperse the dark clouds. Stop what you are doing and calm down. Take a deep breath and exhale; even one breath is enough. Afterwards, immediately smile – smile in spite of everything.

The GWD team has compiled a set of suggestions that encourages everyone to think positively, small recommendations that can make a substantial difference in everyone’s daily life.

1. Let Global Wellness Day’s Manifesto be your compass in life.

· Walk for an hour.

· Drink more water.

· Don’t use plastic bottles.

· Eat healthy food.

· Do a good deed.

· Have a family dinner with your loved ones.

· Sleep at 10 pm.

2. Use the right words.

3. Simplify your life.

4. Be open to different experiences.

5. Share the goodness.

“We were just a few people when we set out on a journey for GWD. Today, more than 350 million people around the world celebrate it. Even though GWD is only a single day that inspires people to live well, it promotes a philosophy that spans the whole year,” concludes Aksoy.

GWD continues to strengthen its influence with the support of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who have recognised GWD as one of 15 inspiring ‘Forces for Change’ social responsibility projects; mega-celebrity, media mogul and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey; Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon and the host of The Dr Oz Show, Dr Mehmet Oz; and many other Hollywood stars, A-list authors, world-renowned athletes, musicians, business executives and entrepreneurs, private companies, multi-national hotel corporations and governments.



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