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Global launch for Beauté Pacifique Density Repair facials

Wayne La Grange

On 31 August, Blue Sky International launched the Beauté Pacifique’s Density Repair series of facials in South Africa, concurrent with the global release.

Said Blue Sky CEO, Wayne La Grange, at an event held at the For Beautiful Life Medical Aesthetics Centre in Johannesburg: “This is an exciting day for us as we are simultaneously launching Density Repair all over the world. We’re all about sustained beauty, healthy skin and products delivered at full dermal depth.

“Beauté Pacifique is one of the oldest medical skincare brands in the world. For me, what’s important about the brand is that in the DermaScan Ultrasound device, we have the technology to test to see if what we’ve done on the skin has worked. With this device we can see subcutaneously. Therefore, we are challenging what is currently on the market with our medically proven products.”

La Grange went on to talk about Beauté Pacifique founder, Fleming Christensen, who was involved in the development of medical scanning equipment before he entered the realm of skincare.

“When I met Fleming over a year ago, he challenged me that he could improve my skin in two weeks. Obviously I was disbelieving but I allowed him to conduct the test and after a fortnight of using his products, the DermaScan revealed that my dermis was thicker than before. Our new Density Repair facials are focused on rebuilding the skin by increasing collagen.

“Crème Metamorphique, Beauté Pacifique’s flagship product that has been endorsed by members of the Danish Royal Family, has been published in the Dermatology Journal as having made a difference to the skin in three months. It’s been proven that we can increase collagen by up to 42%.

“Professor Steffen Petersen, one of the leading peptide engineers in the world, is part of our R&D team. He is documented as being part of the Nobel Prize-winning team for MIR technology.”

Erna Keevy, Beauté Pacifique’s master trainer in South Africa, explained at the launch that the Density Repair series comprises three different facials of varying duration and intensity. “The use of other methodologies such as needling, LED and IPL have also been incorporated into the series,” she stated.

To this end, Blue Sky has entered into a partnership with Sternlaser to use the Candela V Beam for its Density Repair facials. Dr David Presbury of Laserderm (a Sternlaser subsidiary) is collaborating with the Blue Sky team in this regard.

In other news, Blue Sky is in the process of constructing the Beauté Pacifique Africa Institute in the Magaliesberg Biosphere. This institute will offer free dermatology to those in need, three times a year as a way of giving back. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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