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Global dermal fillers market set to soar

Photo by Sam Moghadam Khamesh from Pexels

The global dermal fillers market currently estimated to be worth $6420.9 million is forecast to grow to $15810 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 16.2% during the review period.

This is according to a new study by Valuates Reports, which cites the increase in the prevalence of early skin ageing and the rise in demand for minimally invasive surgical procedures as the two main factors driving this growth. In addition, there are rising product approvals by various key competitors.

States the report: “Patients are increasingly looking for non-surgical anti-ageing treatments. Volumetric rejuvenation cannot be achieved with topical treatments, lasers, or energy-based equipment. Thus, fillers have become more popular. The present trend popularises less invasive volumetric rejuvenation treatments by subtlety enhancing facial aesthetics with an emphasis on a more natural look.

“A more thorough understanding of the variable and compartmental fat distribution of the face revealed by cadaveric studies, along with a three-dimensional view of facial changes with ageing, show that fat is gradually and differently depleted in different compartments, leading to dynamic shifts in facial appearance that result in grooves and folds. This factor is expected to drive the growth of the dermal fillers market.

“Another reason why dermal fillers are so well-liked by patients is their adaptability. There is no one-size-fits-all therapy for filler. The ability to precisely target the area is what makes fillers such a popular treatment option today. There are several different types of fillers available. In fact, a growing number of patients are making appointments to receive fillers in many facial areas.

“The two largest markets, North America and Europe, account for over 60% of the global market. With a proportion of nearly 80%, hyaluronic acid is the predominant kind of filler.”

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