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Gel polish application tips

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

A key factor in ensuring service longevity in a gel polish application is correct nail preparation.

“Nail prep is sadly often rushed and the importance of it forgotten. It’s not until nail techs are having issues with the gel polish peeling and chipping that they realise they are missing out the most important part in any service,” says Tinu Bello, the owner of Totally Polished Nails & Beauty.

To read what advice Bello has to offer on this topic, read the March 2022 issue of the Professional Beauty & NailFile digital magazine. Also included in the article is information on how builder base gels can be used under gel polish to enhance the longevity of gel polish; how they can aid clients in being able to grow their natural nails, and how to apply builder base gel.

In the same article, we highlight why nail techs should warn their clients about the dangers of DIY home gel polish kits. To read the article click here https://issuu.com/professionalbeautysa/docs/pb_march_2022_bd787653eeb619/46?fr=sN2RiMzQ3MTUzNDk

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