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Gearing up for World Wellness Weekend

South African spas, salons and wellness centres are encouraged to celebrate the third annual World Wellness Weekend, which takes place this weekend (21 & 22 September) at over 2,000 venues in 100 countries.

Also participating in World Wellness Weekend will be yoga studios, fitness clubs and sport associations, which will be offering free fun and creative activities to boost vitality, serenity and beauty.

Says World Wellness Weekend founder, Jean-Guy de Gabric of Tip Touch International: “Many people say they want to play sports, lose weight, gain flexibility, manage stress better, spend more family time, but who, in the whirl of life, do not act on it. Discoveries in epigenetics show that our way of life has a great impact on how our genes express themselves. The way we sleep, eat, move, chill and socialise keeps the body (and mind) in a state of vitality; or creates an imbalance with repercussions on our health.

“One of the goals of World Wellness Weekend is to remind people that while health is a relationship between their body and a doctor, wellness is a responsible relationship between one’s body and oneself.”

De Gabriac is encouraging properties across the world to take up this challenge by opening their doors during a weekend of discovery and initiation, dedicated to the sheer joy of living well with friends and family.

The World Wellness Weekend Ambassador for Africa is Elaine Okeke Martin, president of the Spa & Wellness Association Africa (SWAA).

For more information log on to https://www.world-wellness-weekend.org or email jean-guy@tiptouch.com

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