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From the exhibitor’s pen – Professional Beauty Johannesburg 2019

Amanda Harrod of Saloncare writes: Exhibitions are known for being labour intensive, with organisers having to pay attention to millions of details. While exhibitors may not always end up happy, they are looking for a return on investment on their stand and want to have their presence highly valued by the event organisers/ owner and basically have the opportunity to grow their businesses. From attending the Professional Beauty London Show in 2005, to working alongside the Professional Beauty team South Africa, Saloncare has established a fruitful relationship with this company.

We at Saloncare would love to congratulate the Professional Beauty South Africa team and CEO, Mark Maloney, on the execution of a show (which took place on 1 & 2 September at Gallagher Convention Centre) worth talking about for years to come. Excellence in every aspect and the 100% support shown to the exhibitors was quite evident. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this platform of success, which represented exactly what our industry aspires to: class, excitement, passion, development, opportunity and growth.

The exhibition’s newcomers definitely had amazing insight into what this industry holds for them. The entire experience and hype generated around the show was mind-blowing. There were so many relevant feet present, which is every exhibitor’s dream come true. We personally had the pleasure of engaging with visitors from all over Africa and have forged new relationships. An additional plus was meeting so many students and having them assist on our stand, which gave them exposure and experience.

Partnering with Professional Beauty South Africa will always be a consideration for our company as their contribution to the world of health and beauty is admiral and valuable.

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