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Free web tool for small businesses, entrepreneurs

4 February 2019

Beauty business owners might want to avail themselves of a new, free-to-use web tool that helps smaller business with labour relations processes and matters.

SAnews.gov.za reports that the user-friendly tool is a joint initiative of the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and Business Unity South Africa (BUSA). 

The tool has up-to-date information on the recent amendments to employment laws and the National Minimum Wage Act, contract templates, information sheets and guides on labour law requirements.

It also allows entrepreneurs to source information on how to recruit staff; how to manage employees and build sound workplace relationships, as well as how to end an employment relationship in a fair manner.

This project germinated from a BUSA study conducted in 2015/16, which showed that small businesses struggled with labour relations. CCMA statistics revealed that an estimated 80% of the institution’s dispute cases originate from small businesses. This collaboration forms part of the flagship projects outlined in the Presidential Jobs Summit Framework Agreement as well as National Development Plan’s (NDP’s) forecast that no fewer than 90% of new jobs will be created by small businesses.

The web tool, which went live on 30 January, can be accessed on: www.smelaboursupport.co.za

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