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EVO Classic Collection

Over the 30 years that BIO SCULPTURE has been in the nail industry we have established the most popular colours, outstanding of their kind. Certain colours simply never date! BIO SCULPTURE is bringing these classics to the EVO colour range.

These 8 EVO colours have been named after special ladies from BIO SCULPTURE Israel, who this month is celebrating 20 amazing years with BIO SCULPTURE. Presenting the second set of colours in the EVO Classics range:

Suzy, a dazzling, delicate shade of dusty rose, she flatters every outfit.

Marina, a spicy fire engine red who will steal your heart from the second she is on your nails.

Annalyn, a deep and vibrant berry red, she will spice up everyone’s day.

Aseel, a brilliant jazzy burgundy, she is bound to make anyone envious.

Sigal, a glistening plum pink with twinkling sparkles, she shines with style.

Simi, an elegant, dusty pastel shade of mulberry, she loves and suits every skin tone.

Orlit, a fun yet sophisticated, chic chive green tint, she rocks!

Inbar, a sparkly opalescent army green, she is the perfect amount of glitz for every event.

For more information and fun facts about our EVO Range visit our website: https://www.biosculpture.com/products/evo/

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