Entry tips for World Spa & Wellness Awards

South African and African spas wanting to enter the World Spa & Wellness Awards 2021 have until 10 May to do so and might be interested in the following pointers on how to craft an impressive submission.

The UK-based Professional Beauty Group, owner of the World Spa & Wellness brand, compiled these dos and don’ts when writing your awards entry.

1. Choose your category

You will find the full list here. Make sure that you’re entering the right category for your business by checking the entry criteria on our website.

2. Make a note of important dates

Make sure you’re aware of the deadline date of May 10. Entries cannot be accepted once the date has passed, so add this to your diary now.

Don’t leave entering the awards until the last minute. Our server experiences very high volumes of traffic around the deadline date and this could mean that you fail to submit your entry in time or lose your submission. So please make sure you arrange to submit your entry well before the deadline.

3. Explain why you're different

Identify what makes your spa stand out from competitors and brainstorm your unique selling points (USPs) in areas such as customer service, retail, sales and marketing strategies. Don’t forget to give examples.

4. Include your pictures

Photos are so important as they are the first thing most judges will look at. Make sure to have clear photos of the exterior and interior of your spa, and when submitting photos of your business, try to avoid arty close-ups of things like products or towels. We want to see what the spa experience is like.

5. Be concise and stick to the word count

Start your answer to each question with bullet points to spell out the top five/six things you want to get across, then when you add more text, bold up keywords that relate to the initial points ensuring that you stay within the word count.

Judges will see these first and use them to refer back to, so the things you really want to get across will be the ones that stick in their minds. Just because there is a maximum word limit for an answer, don't feel you have to fill it. Only include the real selling points.

6. Answer the whole question

While it’s important to stick to the point, it’s even more vital to make your answer match the question exactly. Your entry is marked to criteria set by the WSW Awards team, so make sure the answer is relevant to the question in order to avoid losing marks. If you’re asked to give examples, make sure you do.

7. Back up statements with evidence

Evidence is the most important part of any entry because judges can't award points for claims that aren't backed up. Give examples and/or include client testimonials to prove your point.