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East London salon challenges beauty industry on plastic waste

Photo by Catherine Sheila from Pexels
Photo by Catherine Sheila from Pexels

The Beauty Clinic in East London has taken a stand in trying to reduce plastic waste in the industry and is challenging beauty brands and distributors to do the same.

Says Pieter Olivier, co-owner of The Beauty Clinic along with founder, Gwen Pietersma: “We’re very concerned about the amount of plastic that is being used in the industry. Plastic waste is a huge global problem, with tons and tons of plastic floating about in the oceans, polluting the water and destroying fish that end up feeding on the plastic. Humans then eat the polluted fish and we wonder why we get cancer.

“I believe it’s time for the beauty industry to take a stand, so I would like to invite all beauty brands and distributors to join in this informal but extremely important and necessary initiative.

“As I’m sure other salons might have noticed, when receiving deliveries of stock, often the boxes contain a lot of plastic petals and bubble wrap. Skincare brand, RégimA, has come up with a clever solution for its delivery packaging – instead of plastic, the company uses paper that has been shredded following its use in the administrative running of the business.”

He notes that Environ Skin Care is very strategic in the way it packs its deliveries, as products are stacked neatly together, therefore negating the need for any protective plastic padding.

Olivier continues: “Carina Frank of Kalahari Lifestyle has created an innovative product to reduce the use of plastic straws – the Eco Stainless Steel Straw Set. These metal straws come with their own brush cleaner, almost like a pipe cleaner.

“Gwen and I have been recycling in our home for quite a while now and we recently decided to take it to the next level and introduce recycling into The Beauty Clinic. We’re encouraging all our therapists and staff to recycle as much material as possible and we have a special bin for this purpose that is collected by a recycling company on a regular basis.

“Everyone in theory is worried about global warming and alarmed by all the news images of giant piles of plastic floating about in the ocean, but I think it’s now time for the beauty industry to do something about it. If we all unite and work together to reduce plastic use and waste in our salons, we can make a positive difference to the world,” concludes Olivier.

(Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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