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East African Community sets draft cosmetics standards

ChemicalWatch Global Risk & Regulation News reports that the EAC – the six-country East African Community trade bloc – has set draft quality standards for member states on cosmetic products, including lipstick and hairspray.

The EAC comprises Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

According to Chemical Watch’s UN/ emerging markets reporter, Ginger Hervey,the draft standards define each product, give packaging and labeling requirements, and in some cases, set substance requirements and test methods for ensuring the product's quality.

The draft standards also set permitted limits for heavy metals (i.e arsenic, mercury and lead) in any of the cosmetics and set standards for the composition of glycerin used in the cosmetics industry.

These standards are now open for public consultations and comments will be evaluated by an EAC technical committee.

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