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Dopamine beauty trends on TikTok

Doja Cat (Instagram @dojacat)

Following the skinimalist and ‘clean girl’ make-up trend that was so popular in the pandemic, dopamine beauty is fast becoming the new make-up style of choice for many.

Characterised by fun, vividly colourful and even holographic in some instances eyeshadows, eyeliners and lips, dopamine beauty and/or dopamine make-up and/or dopamine glam is positioned as anti-formulaic beauty and as a totally different way to apply make-up. Video sharing platform TikTok is full of loads ‘how to’ #dopaminemakeup videos demonstrating a plethora of wild and wacky designs.

The name stems from the fact that dopamine is, of course, the feel-good hormone that is released when we experience something that makes us happy. Bright colours and fun designs are associated with lifting the mood.

Rapper Doja Cat was recently seen sporting a variation of dopamine make-up, in that she shaved her eyebrows and replaced each with a thin, black pencilled line, punctuated in the middle by a red heart. She has also been sporting other more colourful and outrageous brow and eye art.

The legendary veteran British fashion and textile designer, Zandra Rhodes, has long been adorning her eyes and brows with rainbow make-up, to contrast with her shocking pink hair. (Sources: Premium Beauty News; refinery29.com)

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