Device-based SA skincare range launches

Karen Ellithorne

H2 glow, a professional skincare range developed for treatment use with a hydra technology facial device, has been launched by South African company, Spa & Salon Solutions.

Founder Karen Ellithorne introduced the H2 glow brand at a trade launch held in Johannesburg on 10 June. She said: “Customers today have evolved – they want to see results from skincare treatments and products. They are prepared for downtime, they are informed, and they don’t mind a bit of pain.

“We as therapists need to remind ourselves who we are as there is a lot of competition out there. So, how do we stay in the game? We need to be informed, have an opinion and position ourselves as experts. In addition, we should use results-driven brands and carry excellent retail products, as well as offer exceptional customer service.”

Positioned as a professional in-salon treatment that combines all the latest technologies to deliver results, H2 glow is supported by advanced active products and recommended home care.

It was designed as an affordable and short treatment – just 30 minutes. Ellithorne continued: “Our mission is to make a difference to the client’s skin and budget, as well as to the salon owner and therapist’s bottom line. We’ve conducted a lot of trials and tests before launching H2 glow to make sure it is safe for all skin types.

“The cleansing phase of the H2 glow treatment combines vortex technology with water and salicylic acid. This technology actually loosens blackheads. There is also a microdermabrasion option for this phase. For the infusion phase, we use either hyaluronic acid for hydration, or vitamin C, glycolic acid and peptides to treat wrinkles and sun damage. The H2 glow treatment ends with the appropriate mask, followed by PDT light, either blue or red.”

Puseletso Modimogale, a qualified somatologist and stress and relaxation therapist who was the guest speaker at the H2 glow launch, talked about how salon owners could become the change they wanted to be.

“The therapy business is an exchange of energy,” said Modimogale. “You need to factor in the mind, body and soul when performing treatments.If you don’t connect emotionally with your clients, you’re lost.

“There are currently lots of opportunities to take advantage of, such as organic products, the ageing population, treatments that are focused on babies or young kids, products for African skin, men’s services and products, and natural hair products. People have money to spend when they believe it’s worth spending.”

Modimogale emphasised that salon owners should figure out why clients choose their particular salon. “What is the culture of your business? Why did you chose this industry? What kind of energy do you exchange?

“Similarly, look at your employees and ask yourself: what kind of therapists do you attract? Why are they in this industry? What kind of energy do they exchange with clients? All of the above starts with you as the visionary of your business. When you are true to yourself, you are able to connect with the right clients who you are called to serve.” (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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