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Deveraux-May Combrink wins ‘Circus & Funfair’ nail challenge

4 March 2019

The winner of the NailFile Photographic Nail Design Challenge – ‘Circus & Funfair’ – is Deveraux-May Combrink

NailFile received many vibrant and pretty entries for this challenge. Competition director, Sonette van Rensburg, comments on the winning set of nails: “For me, Devareaux-May Combrink's nails stood out the most and she definitely earned her ringside seat in the ‘Circus & Funfair’ challenge.

“This playful and colourful theme was one you could have so much creative fun with and it certainly shows that Deveraux-May had tons of enjoyment creating these little works of art.  She carried the theme through each and every nail beautifully in the designs, colour, texture and technique, using a combination of encapsulated designs, 2D, 3D and hand painted work.

“Her step by step presentation was excellent and explained each of her works of art and the inspiration behind them, with the theme carrying through all the way. It was absolutely beautifully done and presented so well done Deveraux-May, you certainly showed us your best performance."

Combrink reveals that the inspiration for her set of nails was the movie, ‘The Greatest Showman’. She continues: “When I think of carnival or funfair – I don’t only want popcorn or rides, I want a show. I thought of the theme as an antique, olden day type of carnival.”

Proud Sponsor: Calgel

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