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DermaScan4LIFE campaign launches

Wayne La Grange

To celebrate its first year in the market, Beauté Pacifique Africa is embarking on a national DermaScan4LIFE skin health scanning roadshow across South Africa.

The scanning events, using the DermaScan device from Cortex Technologies, will take place at Beauté Pacifique aesthetic skin centres. With its unique, medical grade ultrasound imaging analysis technology, DermaScan allows the skin professional to look deep into the layers of the skin.

Says Wayne La Grange of Beauté Pacifique: “The effects of the COVID-19 lockdown have taken their toll on skins across the world and, in line with our medical heritage in supporting the front line – in this case dermatology – we will be hosting by appointment only DermaScan sessions to assist our practitioners to combat the negative effects this pandemic has had on skins.”

He notes that the DermaScan concept was invented by the Danish dermatologist, Professor Jørgen Serup, to provide a non-invasive tool for assessment of skin tumors, particularly malignant melanomas. Flemming K. Christensen, the founding CEO of Beauté Pacifique, was a key team member at Cortex Technology where the DermaScan was developed from this idea and later introduced worldwide as a new, high tech medical instrument for dermatology.

La Grange continues: “The DermaScan has become a very useful tool for investigating pathological conditions in the skin in vivo and it was quickly realised by the users that there was a lot to learn from scanning both diseased and healthy skin. It was striking to see how clearly the different stages of skin ageing could be seen objectively at a glance by the scanner’s visualisation of the skin’s collagen fibre structure. Furthermore, sun-damage was easily detected.

“From this technology, Flemming K. Christensen was inspired to develop the Beauté Pacifique medical skincare brand to reverse both ageing and sun damage. The results of the brand’s effect on the skin can be seen objectively by the DermaScan. More than 500,000 in-store ultrasound-scannings have been performed over decades as before & after images, where the scanned customers can physically see the improvements on their own skin. This technology is used around the world by leading dermatologists and skin experts.”

Institute for Africa

La Grange reveals that the breaking of ground for the building of the Beauté Pacifique Africa Institute in Kosmos, Hartebeespoort Dam, will commence in February 2021.

“This will be a centre for dermatologists and will house treatment rooms and our R&D lab for Africa, as well as a diagnostic centre where we will investigate the effects of advanced aesthetic treatments on African skin,” comments La Grange. “We want to repopulate the Fitzpatrick Skin Scale with ultrasound images recorded by the DermaScan.

“We believe that DermaScan is ideal for somatologists who want to take their skin diagnosis to the next level as it provides them with the medical truth about skin. It goes 7mm deep into the skin, beyond the epidermis, dermis and into the muscle tissue. This allows the skincare professional to diagnose the skin deeper than ever before and gives her the opportunity to act at a level she’s never achieved before.

“The DermaScan4LIFE campaign is a celebration of science. This technology takes dermatology, aesthetics and somatology to a new level. DermaScan is an indirect endorsement of Beauté Pacifique. We’re offering a DermaScan diagnostic service free of charge first time to anyone using any other skincare brand. Thereafter, you would have to be a Beauté Pacifque clinic client to be scanned.”

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