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Dermalogica FITE supports Pinky Promise against GBV

Teresa Mordoh

Dermalogica FITE (Financial Independence Through Education) is partnering with non-profit organisation, Pinky Promise, to raise awareness to support the fight against Gender Based Violence (GVB).

FITE was launched by Dermalogica founder, Jane Wurwand, in 2010 as a worldwide initiative to empower women and provide them with financial independence through education.

Says Teresa Mordoh, CEO of Dermalogica South Africa: “In support of Pinky Promise, Dermalogica will FITE against GBV by providing women with tangible skills to become financially independent, so that they can make positive choices, enabling them to exit abusive relationships and still support themselves and their families. In these last months of the year, Dermologica will amplify their efforts and support by dedicating the fourth quarter gifting programe, #skincarethatliftsyou, to the launch of the Pinky Promise campaign against GBV. Funds will be raised through a specially dedicated “Lift and Glow” Dermalogica treatment, with 10% of the proceeds from the treatment dedicated towards the Pinky Promise movement.

“Once the awareness and fundraising capabilities of the Pinky Promise movement are entrenched, the net proceeds of the funds raised will be dedicated towards registered organisations, to tackle immediate, short, medium and long term activities and initiatives effective in addressing this epidemic. The Dermalogica FITE programme has been nominated as one of the founding beneficiaries of the funds so that we can amplify our FITE educational implementation and upliftment programmes. We will leverage the power of the Dermalogica Tribe with 10,000 therapists to further raise awareness and funds, dedicating our efforts towards bursaries and internship in the South African skincare industry.”

UNICEF has confirmed that South Africa has the highest incidence of GBV in the world (5 x greater than the global rate). Pinky Promise, as a non- profit organisation, is focused on raising awareness and funds to support the FITE against GBV. They will urgently work together with registered organisations to find tangible and effective solutions both for the short-term immediate crisis, and for the long-term upliftment of women through education and skills development.

“We urge all South Africans to join us in the FITE against GBV, in all its forms, by painting your Pinky black, and by making a financial pledge towards raising awareness and funds for this critical cause,” comments Mordoh.

To make your pledge, log onto the thepinkypromise.org website and make a donation. Or, visit a Dermalogica Concept store and make your pledge of R25 through the purchase of R250 Lift and Glow Treatment voucher – also available for purchase online at Dermalogica.co.za.

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