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Curing lamps – UV vs LED

Over the years there has been plenty of controversy and confusion about the use of UV and LED lamps in nail treatments, one in particular being whether any lamp can be used with any product, brand or system, and another about the safety of such lamps.

Traditional UV lamps have been around since gel nail products first came onto the nail scene a number of years ago, but today mostly LED technology is being used. Both UV and LED are used for the curing process of gel nail coating products.

Although UV and LED lamps work pretty much in the same way, they have different wavelengths and intensities. While UV emits a broader spectrum of wavelengths, LED emits a narrower and more directed spectrum of wavelengths. Different makes of nail lamps will also differ in wavelength and intensity. Therefore it is vitally important to use the correct lamp that is designed for use with the brand and system it’s meant to be used with. Not using the correct lamp could lead to over curing or even under curing, resulting in all sorts of problems such as service breakdown and allergies.

To read more about this complex topic, go to page 50 of the May 2021 issue of the Professional Beauty & NailFile digital magazine.

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