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Countdown to World Spa and Wellness Asia virtual event

Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

Free registration is now open for the World Spa and Wellness Asia Online Conference & Exhibition, which runs from 21 to 23 June.

South African spa professionals may want to note that although the event is targeted at Asia’s hotel and spa community, the conference topics have a global relevance and will be discussed by leading international executives from major hotel, spa and wellness operators.

The conference sessions include:

  • Business transformation – how I’ve used the pandemic to change my business for the better. Some businesses have used the COVID shock as an opportunity to make changes that have a lasting and positive impact.

  • Is the City Center Hotel Spa model dead?

How to differentiate your spa and make it vital to the hotel. Do we need to change the way we do things, change our offer? Let’s engage the local community, let’s make the spa stand on its own feet as a business in its own right – otherwise, the money men and women will demand we make better use of the space.

  • Mental Wellbeing – Practical first steps for spas to help their customers

COVID has shown how our profession can be in the front line of recognising clients’ mental health issues. Our sector needs to remind people of the support therapists offer daily. We also need to support our staff as well as our customers.

  • Financial Wellness - operators discuss how they’ve maximised revenue and cut cost

Let’s not cut costs to the extent it ruins our business. On the other hand, a learner business can be more efficient and fun to work in. How do we maximise spend of the guests that do come and give them great value whilst boosting our revenues?

  • Marketing strategy 1 – time to make the most of your domestic market

For some spas COVID has introduced a whole new set of clients. To what extent, if any, do we need to adjust pricing, the message and packages offered to domestic customers? Will they ruin your brand image or add a genuine new source of customers?

  • Marketing strategy 2 – promoting your business on a shoestring

Creativity, dedication and engaging your team can sometimes be more effective than a big budget – especially when your accountant has cut spending.

  • Moving from pampering spa to wellness with preventive healthcare and active ageing

Our panel introduces programmes and treatments that will help your spa stand out and genuinely change the lives of your customers. Find out what’s practical and suitable for you and your business.

  • Sustainability for Good Business – A practical approach to making a difference

Sustainability – we all know this is a vital issue, but how can my spa make a difference? Let’s start with small steps that are achievable and lasting. Sound business that customers will increasingly expect and, who knows, could sometimes save money too.

Registration for the virtual event is now open. Sign up for your free place now!

World Spa and Wellness Asia (part of the Professional Beauty Group) thanks its headline sponsor, LPG.

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