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Elysium Aesthetic Holdings launches

Centurion-based Elysium Aesthetic Holdings (formerly Ellipse SA) has launched as the umbrella company for Oa Skin Enhance SA, MedArt SA and Fotona SA.

Says Elysium’s Rohan Opperman: “We have taken on the Oa Skin Enhance brand as the industry has moved to a place where combination treatments have become very popular in aesthetic clinics and beauty salons. Oa Skin Enhance is based on Hypochlorous Acid, which is the body’s own immune molecule found in our white blood cells. While the body does produce this molecule naturally, the Oa product helps speeds up the skin’s recovery process quite considerably.

“Oa was one of the first companies in the world to develop a formula that keeps the Hypochlorous Acid molecule stable in a bottle. It has the patent rights for its own formula and is registered with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (formerly the Medicines Control Council).

“Because Hypochlorous Acid is also a very strong disinfectant, it is perfect not only for after care, but ideal for pre-treatment as well to thoroughly sanitise the skin. It can be used for laser treatments, vampire facials, chemical peeling, dermabrasion and microneedling, or any treatment that causes inflammation of the skin.”

There are two products in the range – Oa Skin Enhance 250 for skin rejuvenation and Oa Skin Enhance Pro 350 for after care. Opperman points out that Oa is suitable for all skin types, has no side effects and is not harmful to the body’s own bacteria. It can be used all over body, even around the eyes and is also good for cuts and bruises.

Commenting on MedArt, Opperman explains that this is a Danish company founded in 1979 that specialises in various types of CO2 laser systems.

He continues: “All MedArt’s R&D and manufacturing takes place in Copenhagen. MedArt FRx Intense C02 technology is a highly capable C02 laser combined with unique scanning technology for full fractional or full ablation treatments. It treats skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, pigmentation, stretch marks, skin texture and scars, warts and skin tags. In addition, MedArt offers a diode laser system for body contouring and sculpting, nail fungus and nail treatments.”

Elysium also distributes Fotona systems, primarily, Nd:YAG; Er:YAG and Q:Switch. Treatment options have now been expanded to include thread veins.

Says Opperman: “With Fotona StarWalker you can perform two treatments in one day, in a single session, due to the patented FracTAT technology. This means that you need only wait 15 minutes between treatments, thus effectively cutting the overall treatment course time down by half.”

Elysium has just launched its Fotona dentistry division and will be adding more top brands to its stable in the future. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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