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Clarins fights against plastic pollution in the oceans

French beauty and skincare brand Clarins has partnered with charity Plastic Odyssey to help reduce ocean plastic pollution and alleviate poverty.

Plastic Odyssey is developing low-tech and open-source solutions to either turn plastic waste into a resource at a local scale or to reduce our global plastic footprint.

Clarins will support a new three year voyage undertaken by Plastic Odyssey to begin in 2020 and which will circumnavigate the globe to promote plastic recycling on a boat powered by plastic garbage.

The route will take the boat along some of the most polluted coasts of the planet including Africa, South America and South-East Asia, with the aim of building small modular recycling plants that will meet different needs at each stopover.

In the meantime, Plastic Odyssey will investigate alternatives to plastic and zero waste solutions aboard the vessel in order to build a greener society. (Source: Professional Beauty GCC)

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