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Cindy Visagie wins Space Age nail comp

The winning entry

NailFile was delighted to receive so many ‘out of this world’ entries for its Space Age themed photographic nail design challenge, sponsored by Cherry Blossom Nails and Beauty.

Cindy Visagie’s stunning entry was declared the winner by the judges, with Chantelle Ayres in second place and Ané Snyman coming third.

Said the judges: “The work and effort that Cindy Visagie put into her set of nails and the way she incorporated so many different techniques is phenomenal. It’s a really fantastic set. Her presentation of the completed set of nails was great, as was her detailed step by step. Each nail was superb.”

The judges also admired the effort that Chantelle Ayres put into her nails and step by step presentation. “Chantelle had a unique inspiration – she referenced a drawing by Yajia Art of an astronaut sitting on the moon, drinking a beer and looking at Earth. The way she designed the whole picture to amalgamate from each nail into the next to create an entire scene is just so beautifully and neatly done. There was layer upon layer of work and so much technique in the background.”

Ané Snyman’s entry was described by the judges as ‘vibrant and fun, with lots of clearly defined 3D elements’. They continued: “All of Ané’s nails are very neat and perfectly executed. The nails are full of character, with something different on every nail. Among other 3D elements, she had the sun, the planets, a rocket, NASA, a telescope and even an alien.”

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