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Chantelle Ayres wins ‘Swinging Sixties’ nail competition

The winner of NailFile’s ‘Swinging Sixties’ Nail Design Challenge sponsored by Bio Sculpture is Chantelle Ayres, for her exquisite set and outstanding step by step presentation.

Juanita Bester came second, with Candida De Lange in third place.

The 1960s was a fascinating era in history that spawned a whole range of ‘mod’ fashion and iconic models, as well as the colourful hippie culture.

In her winning set, Chantelle Ayres was inspired to celebrate the ‘extraordinary fashion designs of the 1960s’ and how they transformed fashion and design. She also wanted to highlight the ‘it girls’ and models of the era, opting for a black & white palette.

The judges described her set as ‘spot on’ and ‘phenomenal’. They said: “This entry was really beautifully done, with every detail on point – the 2D gum coming out of one of the model’s lips, the rings, the bow, the camera and the scissors. All so neatly done and well finished off.

“Chantelle’s whole take and translation of the theme was brilliant – the black & white print fashion Twiggy theme with touches of colour was very cleverly thought out. The hand painted faces looked like they had been printed, so precise and absolutely exceptional, meticulously and beautifully finished. We loved her presentation that was done in the form of a magazine. Every detail was well thought out and presented, even her final image with the magazine printed background.”

Juanita Bester drew inspiration from the colourful hippie phase of the 1960s and wanted to do a set that had a ‘chilled’ feel to it, while simultaneously representing the ‘vibe’ of the times.

The judges thought Bester’s step by step presentation was excellent and her work ‘really, really good’. They said: “Juanita’s nails were extremely neat and well finished off. We also loved the little TikTok video she created to demonstrate the moving lava lamp – that was brilliant.”

Candida De Lange’s set clearly reflected her desire to create a colourful ‘poster vibe’ to her nails, complete with floral designs and peace signs.

“We just loved the colourfulness of Candida’s work, which was lovely. There was a variety of different techniques and elements in her set. She also did a great step by step,” commented the judges.

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