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Chantelle Ayres wins Graffiti nail competition

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The winner of NailFile’s Graffiti Street Art Photographic Nail Design Challenge, sponsored by Calgel, is Chantelle Ayres for her beautiful and unusual set of nails and excellent step by step presentation.

Roelien van Aswegen was placed second, with Salomé De Gouveia in third spot.

Say the judges. “We were delighted to get so many entries for this challenge, especially considering that nail techs are back at work and no longer in lockdown. Overall there was really great work and entries from everyone.”

The judges placed Chantelle Ayres first because her entry was so different from the typical graffiti one sees. They continue: “Chantelle took her inspiration from an American street artist by the name of Shepard Fairey and depicted the exact designs and colours from his street art in every detail and element of her work. She also captured the message he relays in his work about being sensitive towards our fellow human beings and the planet. Chantelle’s nails were meticulously and beautifully done.”

Roelien van Aswegen’s second placed entry was described by the judges as exceptionally creative, detailed and technically well done. “Her work and art tells a story and is very expressive of what we are all going through at the moment with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Regarding Salomé De Gouveia’s third placed entry, the judges say: “Salomé’s set was very cute and colourful. Her nails look like they were spray-painted, and we loved her presentation.”

The judges gave a special mention to Bronwyn Glasspoole, Simone Finestone and Cindy Wannenburg. Glasspoole was complimented on her ‘beautiful, colourful work and a great presentation’, while the judges also commended Finestone for her ‘beautiful work and lovely presentation’. The judges thought that Wannenburg’s incorporation of the word ‘NailFile’ into her nails was very clever.

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