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Can the hand sanitiser era lead to a boom in hand lotion sales?

With South Africa currently fighting against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) scourge, sales of hand sanitisers across the country have sky rocketed as people, shopping centres and businesses enforce and practice frequent hand washing and hand sanitisation.

While this is mandated by the WHO (World Health Organisation) and other international health and medical bodies as a vital method of avoiding COVID-19 infection and the spread thereof, constantly washing one’s hands and using sanitisers – which must, as per the WHO, contain at least 60% alcohol – can result in very dry, cracked and sore skin on the hands. Thus the integrity of the skin as a barrier is compromised, as natural oils are stripped away due to frequent washing and sanitising.

Salons and spas can use this opportunity to emphasise to clients the importance of moisturising their hands, and recommend that they use a good quality hand cream or hand lotion intermittently throughout the day to help rehydrate their skin.

Therapists can point out to clients the benefits of hand creams and lotions made by professional brands. Such products will contain genuinely hydrating and moisturising ingredients that will repair and nurture the skin’s barrier, as opposed to more cost effective ingredients that may be found in some consumer brands that may result in a dehydrating, rather than hydrating, effect.

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