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Can the ageing morphotypes determine which aesthetic treatments to prescribe?

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A skin classification system that analyses how the skin will age, the ageing morphotypes can be used by aesthetic doctors to decide which treatments may be most suited to their patients.

In the March 2023 issue of Professional Beauty, Dr Bianca Busch provides the following definition: “One can say that while morphology is the study of the shape and form of things, a morphotype refers to varying individuals within the same species and what differentiates them. When it comes to us humans, as it relates to facial ageing, different facial morphotypes and how these age have been described. Understanding the differences between these morphotypes may help us guide and tailor our treatment strategies to address ageing.”

Dr Busch points out that there have been 4 different morphotypes described: Worn (sometimes referred to as ‘tired’); Wrinkled; Deformed; and Muscular. Some researchers also refer to a 5th type: Mixed. In Dr Busch’s practice, many of the patients actually fit into this 5th type. From her reading on the topic, the 4 morphotypes were based on studies of Caucasian females.

To find out more on this topic click here and scroll to pages 45 and 45 of the magazine. Click here

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