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Can a robot perform a manicure?

Image sourced from https://www.instagram.com/nailslikeclockwork/

General merchandise store chain, Target, has launched a 10-minute manicure service performed by a robot, at some of its stores in America.

Clockwork is an AI-powered nail-painting machine that automatically coats the customer’s nails in lacquer in just 10 minutes.

Known as ‘The Clockwork MiNiCURE’, the service does not include cutting or shaping the nails. However, nail files and polish remover are on hand if the customer would like to use these before the service.

According to Clockwork, base coat is not included as it is not needed, but a top coat is currently being developed.

The robot is designed to paint on clean, bare, polish-free nails only and the lacquer is said to be touch dry in five minutes.

To see Clockwork in action click here

(Sources: Global Cosmetics News; https://likeclockwork.com/)

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