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Call for industry donations to help stricken beauty student

It has come to Professional Beauty’s attention that the Lenasia home of a student enrolled at the SA College of Hair, Health & Beauty recently burnt down in a runaway veld fire, leaving her and her family homeless and without any belongings.

Says college principal, Melanie Kromer: “This was an absolute disaster for the student, as not only was the entire beauty kit that she uses for her college studies destroyed, but all of her clothes and belongings as well. She lived in the house with her parents and two siblings, one of whom is pregnant, and the entire family is now literally left with nothing. To make matters worse, the house was not insured.

“The college became aware of the situation when we noticed that the student, who really excels in her studies, suddenly stopped coming to college. Some friends of hers investigated and we found out about the fire. We really want to help her and would be grateful to receive any donations for her, be it beauty and personal care supplies, clothing, etc. I’m very keen for her to finish her studies – she has been doing modular courses and is in the process of completing her body therapy and eyelash courses.

“Sonette van Rensburg of The Eyelash Emporium SA is very kindly donating a full set of GDL Lash Lift and Brow Lamination products to the student, so that she can complete her eyelash course at college.”

If anyone would like to donate any products, clothing or money to the student, please call either Melanie Kromer on 071 361 3747, or Sonette van Rensburg on 076 585 4191.

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