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Bio Sculpture, why they are industry leaders and how it will benefit you…

Sponsored story: Bio Sculpture has been creating high-quality gels for over 30 years and has accrued a renowned reputation for their commitment to education and professionalism. Founded in 1988 by Elmien Scholtz, they have grown into an award-winning company, seen on the hands and feet of celebrities worldwide.

Her goal was not only set on beautiful nails, but also on nail health. By consulting with the best scientists in their respective fields and applying the latest technologies available, BIO SCULPTURE Gel was born from a humble beginning with passion, hard work and the faith of a true pioneer and today it’s the leading nail care solution with training and distribution centres in over 30 countries worldwide.

There is a great deal that sets BIO SCULPTURE apart from other nail brands starting off with world-class training given by professional educators all over the globe. A very high standard of training is provided before products are sold to a qualified nail technician as the training ensures the correct method of use, benefitting the nail technician’s quality of work. BIO SCULPTURE also enhances the expertise of nail technicians through periodic training options.

BIO SCULPTURE produces quality products that promote nail health and continuously review and upgrade their systems. BIO SCULPTURE Adopts Total Quality Management principles and regularly improve processes, products, and services. With over 400 trendy colours that is updated continuously to ensure trendy nail techniques can be accomplished.

BIO SCULPTURE promotes a safe and healthy environment, and they are committed to meeting all the required regulations ethically. With a vast range of sub-brands, BIO SCULPTURE offers BIOGEL, EVO, ETHOS, SPA range, GEMINI, BI-OLYGEL, CARMEN perfume, E-File system, Full cover tips, tools and more.

BIOGEL is the original, professional, soak-off, easy-wear nail gel system in a jar. With a 5-star Safety Rating boasting natural nail health, while beautifully enhancing and transforming any nail.

EVO is a revolutionary, professional LED gel polish in a bottle system that is easy to apply.

ETHOS is the Nail Care range for natural nails by BIO SCULPTURE, pledged to Nail HEALTH. The unique property of the key natural ingredient in each individual treatment is discretely displayed on its bottle. Ideal for professional salon use and home care.

GEMINI representing “twins” is BIO SCULPTURE’s Nourishing Nail Polish with matching BIOGEL colours. 14ml of GEMINI colour is beautifully displayed in the recognisable square bottle.

BI-OLYGEL is a UV LED gel, strengthened with acrylic paste to bring out the best properties of both gel and acrylic systems, creating a firm hard gel that is easy and quick to apply.

Benefits of BIO SCULPTURE for nail technicians:

  • Firstly, anyone can become a nail technician with BIO SCULPTURE! Adding the service to a salon or a spa will benefit you!

  • Healthy nails are the main goal, so your customers will love the quality of the product every time.

  • A hands-on approach with full training of all systems and tools.

  • Immediate business in a bag starter kit to start doing nails on customers after your training.

  • A full SPA range and HOME CARE products that your salon or spa can upsell.

  • An amazing affiliate program to assist our nail technicians increase their profit monthly.

  • Ongoing assistance and educational material to reference back after training.

  • Assistance with pricing and business management to guide you to assist clients efficiently.

  • Nationwide assistance and distribution depots for quick and convenient assistance

  • Easy access to content to promote products for your salon or spa.

  • The above story was sponsored by Bio Sculpture.

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