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Bio Sculpture launches new nail art course

The creative division of Bio Sculpture launched its new Nail Art Course at the recent Professional Beauty Johannesburg Expo.

Says Bio Sculpture founder, Elmien Scholtz: “The course designers wanted to open doors to nail techs’ artistry, innovation, originality and individuality in the world of nails and fashion. These techniques will add great value to your work and open endless personalised possibilities. It’s important to remember that fashion has no rules.

“Nail art is an artistic and uniquely creative way to paint, gel, build, enhance, embellish and decorate your client’s nails. Due to Bio Sculpture’s unique texture and curing properties, painstakingly detailed nail art techniques can be easily achieved.”

Types of nail art are defined by Bio Sculpture as flat, textured, top surface, 2D, 3D and encapsulated. The course looks at how fashion and the seasons influence nail art, as well the impact that social media has on trends. A big part of the course is devoted to understanding colours and the colour wheel. Additionally, the course includes information on the various art products and tools that are available.

Some of the techniques covered in the course include ombre, tie dye, treading twists, marbling and the use of gems, foils and glitter.

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