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Bio Sculpture introduces Affiliate Program for salons

The Bio Sculpture team with Kerishnie Naicker (centre)

South African professional nail brand, Bio Sculpture, has launched its Affiliate Program for salons to earn commission for online product sales without having to hold stock.

The announcement was made by brand manager, Eddie Scholtz, at the Bio Sculpture 2022 Expo on 9 May at Montecasino in Johannesburg.

Said Scholtz: “We recently launched our online retail store – biosculpture.co.za – and end users can purchase from here. Salons can create an account and when they refer a customer to the online store, they will receive a 20-30% commission. We then deliver the products to the end user. For salons to get a network link from their distributor, they first have to go to our professional site (biosculpture.com) and log onto the ‘Affiliate sign-in’ link.”

Scholtz noted that at the last Bio Sculpture Expo in 2019, the Bio Sculpture Foundation was launched in Clocolan. “Since then, we have had 30 students come through this foundation, which offers nail education to those who can’t afford it. I’m delighted to report that our graduates are now working in the industry. Proceeds from the ticket sales for this year’s expo go to the Foundation to accommodate more scholarship candidates.”

Brand authenticity

MC for the 2022 Bio Sculpture Expo, former Miss South Africa, Kerishnie Naicker, explained that being a pharmacist by profession, she has always believed in honouring one’s body because then it will honour you.

“I respect my nails in the same way,” she continued. “For the last 28 years, even though I am blessed with naturally strong, long nails, I have been having my nails done and tried lots of different brands. Because authenticity, sincerity and integrity are crucial values for me, I won’t endorse any brands falsely. I don’t share a paid partnership with Bio Sculpture – I am here today because of my passion for what Bio Sculpture stands for. This brand has always encouraged me to keep my natural nails.

There is so much science and research behind Bio Sculpture products and, as a qualified pharmacist, I pay close attention to the composition of products. There are no harmful ingredients in Bio Sculpture serving to precipitate change to the natural nail. No primers or harmful ingredients are in these products.”

Naicker pointed out that Bio Sculpture came into being when founder, Elmien Scholtz, a nail tech herself, went in search of a good qualify nail care product and couldn’t find one. “So, Elmien set about creating her own brand that put the health of the natural nail first. Elmien believes that our nails are a living organ that needs to be fed and nurtured.”

New products

The Expo served as the launch pad for several new products, which were demonstrated by Bio Sculpture educators Tania Biddle, Andrea Smith and Nadia Stroh. New products included the Ultra Lamp, Conditioning Gel, Apex Gel, and the Very Peri shade.

Nail competition

Also part of the Expo were several Bio Sculpture nail competitions. Bronwyn Glasspoole won the Educator’s Nail Art Competition and Rianka Labuschagne the Online Competition; Live Gel Overlay was won by Lesego Tema, while Amanda Stonehouse triumphed in the Live Gel Lengthening category. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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