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Beauty supplier’s warehouse gutted by looting

The remains of Upfront Distribution’s warehouse

Durban-based beauty supplier, Upfront Distribution, awoke on 12th July to the news that its Cornubia Warehouse had been razed to the ground as a result of the looting and vandalism that followed riots protesting the incarceration of former president, Jacob Zuma.

Says Upfront’s Nick Coleman: “The entire warehouse was gutted by fire and the stock holding of approximately R5 million destroyed in this tragic event. My wife Diana and I are saddened by these unnecessary events and have committed to the industry to rebuild and support our clients and staff.

“Many of our clients and staff have been living in fear in Durban and Johannesburg. Images of looting and arson are slowly being replaced by images of communities standing together with brooms and garbage bags to clean up stores and streets.

The COVID-19 pandemic challenges in our country, coupled with the unnecessary violence and looting, will see South Africans build back stronger than ever before.

“We all need to unite and rebuild our lives and businesses so that we can grow the economy and make a living for ourselves and staff. New stock is on the way and we have secured new premises. I expect that we may experience some stock shortages in the short term as we begin to rebuild our company. We have since reopened our offices.

“Upfront Distribution is in a strong position to weather this difficult time and we look forward to assisting clients as we begin to rebuild.”

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