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Beauty salons increasingly rely on social media to grow their businesses

Photo by Marakist on Unsplash

Social media reach has overtaken website development as a way for beauty salons to increase new business opportunities, according to a just-released survey.

Some 44% of respondents in a survey conducted by global salon supplies wholesaler, SimplyHair, said they are focusing on growing their businesses’ social media profile this year, while 35% of hair professionals see growing their social media profile as offering the biggest opportunities for business growth. Nine out of ten (89%) salon owners believe that social media presence has a strong or very strong influence on how a client chooses a salon.

Commenting on the findings, Amy Filippaios, founder of SimplyHair, says: “The survey confirms that there’s been a steady increase in the use of social media over the past few years, with many beauty and hair businesses using social media accounts as their online shop front, rather than developing their own website,” she says.

She continued: “During the pandemic, use of social media as a whole increased. Salon owners have also recognised the importance of elements including quality photography, branding and digital advertising, which naturally support social media activity. Improving salon aesthetics is also a priority, as well as being a source of social media content and backdrop for photographs, interiors help to build a memorable brand and appeal to consumers who seek shareable experiences,” she added.

Seventy-eight-percent of beauty and hair professionals agree that a strong social media following will help them to attract higher-paying clientele, and justify charging more for current services.

Less than a tenth (9%) of salon professionals’ primary business focus is website development. (Source: Professional Beauty UK)

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