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Beauty looks that turned heads at the Baftas

Jodie Turner-Smith @joeyjoeychoy

The most striking make-up design at the recent Baftas in London was unquestionably seen on Jodie Turner-Smith, whose dramatic amethyst eye-shadow, accented by a tiny splash of blue, was done in an extreme cat’s eye style, and perfectly matched her ornate outfit in hue.

Make-up artist @joeyhoeychoy described the eyes on Instagram as ‘The feline flick – panther’. Turner-Smith also had highlighter on the lower inner lid to really make the eyes pop. In addition, tiny sparkles were applied onto her cheekbones (like freckles) for the ultimate dazzling look.

Lashana Lynch @lashanalynch

Second prize for the most unusual make-up look at the Baftas might well have gone to Bond actress, Lashana Lynch, who had tiny crystals dotted around the eyes for that extra bit of sparkle.

‘Game of Thrones’ actress and model Sophie Turner’s make-up was also all about the eyes – with thick lashes (on both lids) and black eye-liner enhancing her blue eyes. Peach-coloured lipstick toned in with her auburn hair.

Wallis Day @georgiarosemua

In keeping with the dramatic eye trend, Wallis Day’s smoky eyeshadow was enhanced by heavy upper lashes and winged eyeliner, paired with pale lips.

Gwendolyn Christie @gwendolynuniverse

While most stars had make-up to emphasise the eyes, Gwendolyn Christie went in the opposite direction, opting for really strong lips – in a deep maroon colour – matched with ultra-pale skin and barely there eye make-up.

Also opting for the strong lip was Hayley Atwell, with full-on cherry coloured lips, to go with subtle eye make-up, as did ‘Squid Game’ star, Hoyeon Jung.

Nicola Coughlan @neilyoungbeauty

Nicola Coughlan rocked statement eyeliner done by @neilyoungbeauty, who said on his Instagram page: “I applied waterproof liner long the upper lash line to create a Bardot-esque liner extended out at the outer corner of eye. Then I used eyeliner along the lower lash line and connected at the outer corner”. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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