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Beauty B Corps form coalition to improve beauty industry’s environmental practices

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Over 30 leading Certified B Corporations across four continents have formed a new coalition seeking to improve the sustainability standards of the beauty industry by creating the B Corp Beauty Coalition.

The coalition’s mission is to enable collaboration and exchange between companies; identify and share better practices, implement improvement actions and publish their outcomes; help beauty customers more easily navigate the category; and to influence the beauty industry to trigger broader changes which can ultimately improve its social and environmental footprint.

Says Davide Bollati, president of Davines, a founding member of the B Corp Beauty Coalition: “The coalition’s vision is to deliver ‘beauty for good’. As Certified B Corporations meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact, we have become increasingly uncomfortable with the social and environmental footprint of the beauty industry and concluded that our respective solo efforts to enable positive change can be enhanced through a partnership of mutual commitment. So, we have decided to form a coalition to leverage our combined strengths and deliver tangible benefits to beauty customers, communities, and the planet.”

Adds Shaun Russell, founder of Skandinavisk and a co-founding member of the B Corp Beauty Coalition: “Specifically, we commit to invest our time and efforts to improve four key issues that affect everyone and everything: ingredient sourcing and sustainability; greener logistics; packaging responsibility; and consistent and clear external messaging that customers can understand and trust. Work has already started, and we will be welcoming more certified B Corps to add their talent and contribution as we gather momentum.”

Kara Peck, senior director of Strategy & Partnerships for B Lab US/Canada, the non-profit organisation behind the B Corp certification method, comments: “It is so heartening to see these visionary B Corps joining forces to create the B Corp Beauty Coalition and to share their knowledge and best practices with one another and the world. With the business sector uniquely culpable for much of the negative impacts of climate change and the systemic inequities we face today, this type of innovative collaboration is exactly what the world needs from business. The work of the Coalition is going to greatly accelerate the beauty and personal care industry’s shift to a just, regenerative, zero carbon future.”

To read the B Corp Beauty Coalition manifesto and to learn more about its members please visit https://www.bcorpbeauty.org/

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