Beauté Pacifique scientific team visits SA

Soeren Hedegaard, Mie Groth Hansen, Professor Steffen Petersen and Flemming Christensen

Leading Danish cosmeceutical and medical skincare brand, Beauté Pacifique, re-launched into the South African market on 1 April, concurrent with the release of the brand’s Masculinity range in 26 African countries.

A launch event was held at Shepstone Gardens in Johannesburg on the same day, hosted by Beauté Pacifique’s African distributor – Blue Sky International.

Special guests were Beauté Pacifique’s scientific team, comprising the brand’s co-founder, Flemming Christensen and Professor Steffen Petersen, head of peptide engineering. Accompanying them were the brand’s international educator, Mia Groth Hansen and Soeren Hedegaard, international hair & make-up artist and special envoy to Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

Said Blue Sky International CEO, Wayne La Grange: “A new era has dawned in South Africa with the advent of patented cosmeceuticals and nutriceuticals. The theme for today’s event is: ‘The medical truth about skin’.

“In choosing which skincare range Blue Sky wants to distribute, we ask pertinent questions in the belief that consumers are looking for truth. Consumers these days are far more knowledgable than they used to be. We went in search of clinical products that are medically proved.

“Now for the first time, we’ve been able to look below the skin – below the epidermis into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. This is due to the DermaScan device – an ultrasound skin scanning technology developed by Flemming Christensen and Beauté Pacifique’s sister company, Cortex Technologies.”

Christensen continued: “I used my knowledge of how medical scanning works to create dermatology products that would penetrate the dermis. With the DermaScan we look at the skin’s density, at the levels of collagen and elastin fibres.

“We conducted tests to show that after three months use of our Crème Metamorphique Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Cream, the average collagen density increases by 42%. I was so confident about the range that I approached the dermatology department of a Danishi university to run an independent clinical trial on the product, knowing that they would publish the results, which they did.”

Christensen also revealed how the Crème Paradoxe Anti-Age Cream was inspired – by a Chilean dermatologist who had identified a sun-resistant strain of grape, which has been included in the formulation of the product.

Petersen, one of the leading peptide engineers in the world, presented a scientific talk about peptides and vitamin A, as 18 of Beauté Pacifique’s products include this vitamin (and derivatives thereof) in their formulations.

“Beauté Pacifique typically use small peptides that mimic the larger protein they come from. We use the skin suction blister method to test the hydration efficacy of our products,” Petersen explained.

In conclusion, La Grange revealed that a Beauté Pacifique Development Centre is under construction in South Africa, in the Magaliesberg.

“We want to provide solutions for African skin in collaboration with the world’s leading dermatologists, such as Dr Uffe Gjede, the past president of the Danish Dermalogical Society, who endorses Beauté Pacifique. Our products are made in a medical grade pharmaceutical factory and according to pharmaceutical standards,” stated La Grange.

He also announced the Beauté Pacifique ‘Dream Tour’ which will see top selling Beauté Pacifique stockists win a tour on a luxurious cruise ship in 2020. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)

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