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Balancing your business with an active social media presence

Photo by Kaboompics from Pexels

The roles of salon operations and social media marketing are becoming more and more intertwined.

This is according to social media consultant and Salon Socials founder, Debbie Lewis, who maintains that forward planning is how to get ahead while keeping your salon’s content tailored and fresh.

She continues: “Regardless of where your business is, you always need a sketch of where it’s going, especially socially. This is why I always have a strategy day each November to think about the upcoming year,” says Lewis. “We consider the important events of each month and the type of social content that would work around those times. The planning you do in November for the rest of the year is a rough draft, then every month you should take an hour or so to narrow it down, scheduling at least a month ahead to ensure everything is ready in time. You could do this as a 90-day plan with an equivalent of three-hour planning instead if this suits you better.”

Lewis notes that a standout Instagram post can gain you countless new clients. “Your regulars will love it if you’re interacting and answering their questions regularly on Facebook, for example. However, be laser-focused when choosing what to post and speak directly to specific customers, as opposed to all of them. Don’t fall into the trap of covering so much ground that it becomes confusing for your social media target market.

“Question exactly why you’re posting something and what your salon’s core message is, otherwise you’ll end up with a confusing mash-up of imagery and wording.”

Lewis advises that you batch all your information. “Batching is collecting all necessary information and imagery for your posts together in one place, including design-up details and hashtags.”

(Source: https://professionalbeauty.co.uk/site/newsdetails/salon-owners-how-to-create-a-social-media-plan)

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