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BABOR. Beauty is our passion.


We at BABOR believe that skincare is something very personal because your skin is as individual as your fingerprint.

The history of BABOR began in 1956. What is now a modern brand that has conquered the hearts of all those seeking to do more for their skin, began as a vision of a daring scientist in a kitchen in Cologne, Germany.

BABOR was founded by the chemist Dr. Michael Babor. He developed HY-ÖL, which cleanses the skin with natural oils, and laid the foundation for countless award-winning skincare innovations. The Vossen family have since turned the scientist's idea into a worldwide brand.

Landing on African shores 36 years ago, BABOR has grown from strength to strength expanding across Sub-Saharan Africa and is a proud member of SWAA. The diverse product range has enticed the most discerning consumer, addressing a wide array of skincare concerns and suitable for all ethnicities. It is available only in the most prestigious locations in Africa as well as on our online store.

The icon in the BABOR range is the ampoule. Each glass vial contains perfectly combined active ingredients, so that even 2 millilitres has an immediate visible effect. We boast a variety of 14 different ampoules, each catering for a specific skincare concern.

“We aren't simply selling a product, we're selling business solutions accompanied with supreme service,” says L. Fuchsloch, MD of BABOR Africa.

With a strong brand focus on women empowerment, we are firmly convinced that we are more self-confident and happier when we feel beautiful and comfortable in our skin, resulting in our philosophy of ‘‘Ask for more” and reinforced by our personalised treatments, effective active formulas and highly professional advice!

This conviction has made us the No. 1 professional skincare company in Europe and a force to be reckoned with across the African continent.


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