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Andrea Smith wins Foodie Fantasies nail competition

The winner of NailFile’s Foodie Fantasies Photographic Nail Design Challenge is Andrea Smith, for her exquisite set of nails and superb step by step presentation.

Sponsored by Bio Sculpture, the Foodie Fantasies competition attracted a slew of delightful entries.

Judges placed Ané Snyman second, with third place a tie between Zelmari van Aswegen and Chantelle Ayres.

Said the judges: “What an amazing assortment of delectable foods and treats presented by everyone! It was evident that lots of fun was had by all and that plenty of effort went into creating an array of different foods for the Foodie Fantasies theme, and interpreting the foods they love into their nail designs.

“The winner, Andrea Smith, incorporated an amazing variety of very clever techniques and mediums to create her designs with in her interpretation of the theme, ‘A Taste of Europe’. Her love for sweet treats and international cuisine was her inspiration and is quite obvious and visible in each and every nail that she created. She had a very clear vision of her interpretation and the representation of each of the unusual treats from various parts of Europe that she created. They were absolutely spot on, with regards to colour and shape. The designs and different elements which were added, were technically brilliantly done, making each piece of food look like the real thing and completely edible. Andrea also created a fantastic presentation explaining exactly how each design was created, clearly outlining the different treats, as in where they originated from and what made them different.”

Commenting on Ané Snyman’s second placed entry, the judges stated: “Ane's entry was brilliantly done and she represented her interpretation of the Foodie Fantasies theme beautifully. Each piece was immaculately and perfectly created throughout. Her foods were depicted with absolute precision.”

The judges had a tough time deciding on third place, as they were torn between two stunning entries, namely those of Zelmari van Aswegen and Chantelle Ayres.

“Both designs offered something unique and different so we decided to tie both of them in third place,” explained the judges. “We also gave a Nadia Stroh a special mention, for her innovative interpretation of the Foodie Fantasies theme and for her unusual use of a bubble technique.”

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