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Ané Snyman wins NailFile ‘Superheroes’ competition

Updated: May 27, 2020

The NailFile ‘Superheroes’ Photographic Nail Design Challenge has been won by Ané Snyman for her superbly executed and vivid set of tips.

Sponsored by Calgel, the ‘Superheroes’ challenge attracted a record number of entries. Unlike previous challenges, due to the COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing regulations, nail techs were allowed to create their designs on tips, rather than on human hands.

Coming a tight second behind Snyman was Maureen Brill, followed closely by Nadia Stroh in third place.

Said the judges: “We were thrilled to receive so many entries for this challenge and thank all the competing nail techs for their amazing efforts and creativity.

“Our winner, Ané Snyman, had a very clear inspiration for what she wanted to do with every single nail and put so much detail into what went onto each nail with regards to symbolism, colour and depiction of characters. Her colour choices were very precise and bold.

“Ané used a variety of techniques and different nail enhancement products to create her designs, such as 3D, threading gel and white paste gel, hence lots of different textures in her set, including some matte colour. She also created a phenomenal presentation for her step by step and inspiration. Overall, a stunning entry.”

The judges described Maureen Brill’s second placed entry as ‘absolutely beautifully illustrated’. They continued: “Maureen captured each character’s individual superpowers superbly by using a combination of encapsulation and 3D techniques.”

Regarding Nadia Stroh’s third placed entry, they commented: “This was a real, on-point comic book representation depicting each Superhero character’s expression. Nadia created an actual comic book matte style. This was a very appealing set of nails.”

The judges gave a special mention to Zelmari van Aswegen and Chantelle Ayres for their excellent work.

NailFile’s Photographic Nail Design Challenges were initiated over two years ago by industry professional, Sonette van Rensburg, to encourage nail techs to tap into their creativity.

Watch out for the theme of the next NailFile Photographic Nail Design Challenge – to be announced soon!

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