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A Plastic Planet calls for ban on sample sachets

Image by Eliveton Nogueira Veto from PIxabay

Environmental group, A Plastic Planet, has launched the ‘Sack the sample sachet’ campaign to try and reduce the amount of waste created by the beauty industry on an annual basis.

In its letter to the EU and the UK Government, submitted on 26 November 2020, A Plastic Planet stated: “Globally personal care companies produce some 122 billion plastic sachets each year. If you placed a year’s worth end to end, they would stretch more than 10 million kilometres – equivalent to 27 trips from earth to the moon.

“The personal care industry is expected to be the most lucrative end-use market for sachet packaging. Shampoo, moisturiser, perfume etc are offered in single-use, valueless and unrecyclable sachets. Sample sachets are the ultimate symbol of our grab-and-go lifestyle – used to drive instant sales but destined to pollute our planet for centuries. We cannot go on like this.

“A raft of solutions already exist. Solutions which use systems and materials that work with nature, not against it. There are no more excuses. Campaign group A Plastic Planet believes it’s time to stamp out non-food plastic sample sachets once and for all. That’s why today we’re calling on the UK Government and the European Union to include plastic single-serve sample sachets in the single-use plastics ban.”

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