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A brand new look for QMS (Sponsored Content)

QMS Medicosmetics has launched its new packaging, and although the packaging might be changing, your skin will be treated to the same amazing formulations.

While QMS has always looked good on any shelf, now the acclaimed skin care brand wants to ensure that they remain constant yet current. They want to continue reflecting the amazing products contained within the packaging. The packaging is still recognisably QMS, but it has evolved into a modern, premium look.

Commenting on the re-staging of the brand, Victoria Wade, Senior Vice President & Director of Sales & Education for QMS Medicosmetics, says: “We are keen to reduce the environmental effect of our materials' usage and processes. With this in mind as part of the redesign, we are significantly reducing the amount of packaging that we use. An example of this: we are moving from large plastic jars to smaller jars or tubes, with the same fill as currently, or more in a couple of cases.”

Wherever possible, the brand seeks to simplify and reduce resources used throughout the supply chain. QMS’ aim is thus to have a beautifully packaged skin care range that promotes a greener environmental footprint.

The actual ingredients and products within the packaging still contain the same amazing formulations that is QMS.

As much as we would love to say out with the old, in with the new, the brand will be phasing in the new products while the older products are still on the shelves.

QMS – going green, remaining blue.

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