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Are you a passionate and serious Nail Professional, striving to learn as much as you can about your profession and uplifting your skills, to keep yourself and your business at the cutting edge of the industry?

Then join us for these not to be missed Nail Forums & Workshops, an amazing opportunity to uplift your knowledge and skills! What’s more, it won't cost you anything…. yes that’s correct the workshops are absolutely free to attend, because we care about you and want to assist in your future growth and development as a knowledgeable and skilled Nail professional.


The Professional Beauty Nail Technology Workshops have been running for the past 5 years now, bringing Nail Professionals together, to share and grow their knowledge and expertise. Whether you’re a nail technician, educator, nail training provider or nail supplier the workshops are the ideal platform to engage, network and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

The Nail Forums and Workshops are focused on educating, uplifting and maintaining standards, equipping and empowering you, with the necessary information and everything you need to know about nails and the industry. There is also an opportunity for you to network with like-minded experts and Nail Professionals after the workshops.


It is your professional responsibility to be knowledgeable and properly informed; the future of our industry depends on it!  ♯NAIL KNOWLEDGE

Nail Forum & Workshops Program

Presenting an extensive and informative program specifically formulated for Nail Professionals, with a variety of educational and hands on sessions, featuring top local and international industry experts.


  • 10:00 - Registration

  • 10:15 Opening of Nail Forum & Introduction

Outlining the importance of ongoing education in our industry, Keeping informed and up to date with the latest in information, product innovation, and technology and uplifting your skills on a continuous basis by attending workshops and educational programs, is a vital part of ensuring you maintain not only your own standards but also the standards in the industry.


  • 10:30 – 11:00 Nail Nirvana The fundamentals!

On our journey to find the next trending technique or to find perfection in structure, through our excitement we often forget about the fundamentals such as the health of the natural nail and the well being of the client. We are bombarded with knowledge, information, innovation via social media and it is the best tool we could ever have wished for in terms of transfer of knowledge. However most importantly we need to find the balance between fact and faux! International Nail Artist, Educator and Director of Beauty2trs Tracey Lee presents an enlightening live Skype presentation about the latest techniques, the accessibility of online education and the importance of proper ongoing education.

  • 11:10 – 11:50 Nail Know How Consistency is key!

Just knowing how to apply a set of enhancements may seem like enough, consistency in every area of your work is an important key factor in creating and engineering perfectly flawless, durable long lasting enhancements. Proper sound knowledge about everything to do with nails is vital, especially if you want to achieve a perfectly flawless set using the correct, safe and proper procedures.  An informative hands on session presented by Tania Biddle and Larna van Rooyen of Bio Sculpture about proper nail know how and effective gel application techniques, to provide your clients with the best possible gel enhancement services.

  • 12:00 – 12:30 No Business like the Nail Business – Are you giving your best?

Your clients deserve the best service they can possibly receive, therefore providing them only with the services they ask for is not enough and makes you like every other nail salon.  You need to make sure that there is a point of difference, one that clients visiting your salon will experience, from how they are treated to the way the treatments are being conducted. Offering not only something different or unique but what other salons are failing to offer. “Outstanding customer care and service!” Presented by Lea Castro of Looking Good LCN who will be sharing her thoughts and advice on how to achieve this.

  • 12:30 – 13:15 LUNCH

  • 13:15 – 13:30 - Nail Expose – Get Educated with Doug Schoon

Facing the issues concerning our industry, an informative and educational video session presented by internationally known scientist, researcher, author and educator Doug Schoon. Doug Schoon speaks directly to you the Nail Professional, in this eye opening, presentation he will expose the truth about nails and the industry, busting myths and misinformation by providing fact-based information straight from his many years of research.

  • 13:30 – 14:15 Nailing The Trends – Are you aware of the latest trends?

Are your clients constantly coming in and showing you pics of the latest nail trends on social media. Don’t get caught not knowing what they are or how to achieve them. Keep up to date with the latest nail trends, colours and nail styles, as well as the latest techniques and product innovations, to nail those trends. Presented by Nadia Erasmus Professional Beauty Nail Competition Winner & Nail Technician of the Year 2017, who will be sharing and demonstrating some of her awe-inspiring ideas and works of art with you.

  • 14:20 – 15:00 Nail Necessities – Are you meeting your client’s expectations?

What can you offer your client to make sure they get the most effective and beneficial treatment that meets their expectations? The smallest things can make the biggest difference, techniques and added touches to turn your nail services into something extraordinary. With so much at our disposal in product innovation, education and technology you are now able to offer your client the best services and treatments available. Presented by Christi van Zyl of Light Elegance


  • 15:00 – 15:30 Playing it safe – Protecting your profession!

No one starts their day thinking they want to hurt someone, however we are all human and we all make mistakes. Just one lawyer’s letter or doctor’s bill that a client may present you with, could cost you dearly in more ways than you actually realise. Not only can it be extremely damaging to your cash flow, but also your staff, your business, livelihood and your reputation and could mean the end of your career and life as you know it.Not to mention the time, effort and emotional stress that it could cause you. Melandri Steyn of Randpro talks to you about the importance of professional insurance, liability and protecting yourself.

  • 15:30 Closing & Network

 Closing of Nail Forum & Workshops, and an opportunity to network, with experts and nail Professionals afterwards.

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