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Sandy Fuhr

Qualified Somatologist/Beauty Therapist 

Sandy is a qualified Somatologist/Beauty Therapist with CIDESCO International qualifications for 40years, has managed a group of 16 Beauty Salons and owned a Beauty Salon. Sandy opened Beauty Therapy Institute in Cape Town, South Africa in 1996. Sandy is Past-President of the South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals (SAAHSP), the Professional Body in South Africa and Past President of CIDESCO International, Switzerland with 10.5years on the Board.


Sandy examined students on behalf of CIDESCO International in various countries. Sandy judges International Media Make-up competitions globally and International Spas on behalf of World Spa Wellness International and Professional Beauty. Sandy is Franchisor to 20Beauty Therapy Institute and BTI Edubeauty and hairdressing training colleges in South Africa and Africa, owning 2.5 schools of her own.


Sandy is a founder member of World Spa Organization. Sandy was awarded Regional Business Achiever Entrepreneur of the year with Nedbank Businesswomen’s association and has received numerous global professional awards.


Sandy presents papers at international congresses on various topics and on tv and radio as a guest speaker in her professional capacity. Sandy is committed to the upliftment of others, to award them certification to ensure their potential employment opportunities. Her quest is to maintain the highest possible standards in education in the Beauty, Aesthetics and Hair sector globally.

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Kym Stafford

Aesthetic therapist and dedicated spa owner

Passionate aesthetic therapist and dedicated spa owner, specializing in providing rejuvenating and transformative experiences for clients. With years of expertise in skincare and wellness, I combine innovative aesthetic treatments with a personalized approach to help individuals achieve their beauty and relaxation goals.


Committed to creating an oasis of serenity where clients can unwind, rejuvenate, and enhance their natural beauty. Over the last few years my goals have expanded within the industry into Product Distribution and aesthetic training and support for many salons and spas in South Africa


Elaine Willemse

Development Manager for iTEC/VTCT 

Introducing Elaine Willemse an accomplished professional in the Beauty Industry with an astounding 23-year career in the industry. Elaine has extensive experience within a wide range of rolls allowing her to develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s intricacies. Elaine is working as the International Business.


Development Manager for iTEC/VTCT providing international qualifications, specialising in Beauty & Spa Therapy, Hairdressing, Complementary Therapies, Sports & Fitness Training and Customer Service to centres worldwide.


Elaine’s experience with ITEC, working as an Examiner and International Business Development Manager, equipped her with extensive knowledge of the South African market but also knowledge and understanding of the Beauty Industry around the world.



Director at Saloncare (Pty) Ltd

Amanda Harrod – Mausenbaum joined the Health and Beauty industry in 2001. Her first place of employment was a skincare company owned by a SAAHSP committee member, which after displaying a keen interest to explore this exciting industry and learn about skincare etcetera, she was shown the ropes. Amanda began to accumulate knowledge, build relationships & became a graduate of the Beauty Therapy Institute.


She joined the Saloncare team in 2004, travelled with the Professional Beauty team in 2005 to London to conduct research to begin the expansion of Saloncare, a professional skincare brand. Her flare for marketing and public relations made her partner soon after then led to buying out the company in 2016. She holds the position of Business Woman of the Year finalist 2017, is CEO of the now global trademark and is passionate about educating and assisting in the start up and growth of businesses. Her involvement with Wesgro(tourism & export) and her time spent with an industry expert from the Netherlands, years of experience in a manufacturing facility has contributed to her becoming a trusted icon.

The BTI franchise and Saloncare began their collaboration in 2022 which confirms Amanda’s brand and relationship building abilities.

She has earned the respect of her colleagues, therapists and somatology students by sharing knowledge in different avenues via media presence or spending time with business owners and students.Giving guidance on success strategies and developing individuals is her daily mission. Her belief system incorporates hugely the concept of humility, working at ground level with team members and always placing yourself in another’s shoes. She looks forward to sharing with attendees at the Professional Beauty as to what takes place behind the scenes of the stage of success.



HEAD OF EDUCATION: pHformula ART CLUB South Africa


Diana van Sittert, after achieving her Diploma in Somatology, started her career as a beauty therapist. After a year of hands-on treatment time, she realised that her passion surpassed the treatment room.

From there she became involved in sales, salon business development support and training (she trained over 29 000 therapists, business owners, Doctors, and Dermatologists in 27 countries). Never being satisfied with the face value of the industry, she further delved into product formulation, brand, and business development.

Until now, Diana van Sittert has been employed by many successful companies like Placecol, Nimue, Dermalogica, 365skinworkout, SkinPhD, EMSA distribution and pHformula.

Diana has an in-depth understanding of the industry from product development, distribution, creating successful brands, and building a project plan to ensure the success of the developed brands in salons and salons' best practices to ensure business success. From start to finish, she is passionate about supporting and building successful businesses in the beauty industry.


Helena Van Der Vyver 

Beauty Business Coach

I have been a Beauty Business Coach for almost 10 years.

My 30 years of beauty industry specific experience sets me on the level of Beauty Industry Titan.

I do business coaching for Medical Aesthetic Doctors, Beauty/Hair Salons, Spas, Brands as well as non-beauty entrepreneurs.

As I have gone through the ranks of beauty therapist, assistant manager, manager, operations manager and now entrepreneur, I am able to offer you niche beauty and entrepreneurial business coaching.

My spectrum is wide covering financials, growth, marketing, systems, solutions, employment, staff management, strategizing, documents and more.

I am particularly passionate about organizing the financials and costings of a business for profit, developing the team and business to full potential, finding solutions to problems and closing gaps, working strategically and thus smarter plus having an organized, well-planned business. Feel free to go on my website and book a 30mins FREE coaching session, www.1nespa.co.za if this speaks to you and your business.


Gina Gall

Owner and medical esthetician at Professional Skin Care Lab.

Gina Gall is a highly accomplished and renowned figure in the skin care industry, serving as the owner and medical esthetician at Professional Skin Care Lab. With an impressive career spanning over three decades, Gina has established herself as a leading expert in the field, providing exceptional skin care services and transformative treatments to her clients.

Gina's passion for skin care ignited early on, as she developed a deep fascination with the science behind maintaining healthy and radiant skin. Following her passion, she pursued formal education and training, earning her esthetician certification from a prestigious institute. Armed with a strong foundation of knowledge, she embarked on her professional journey, eager to make a positive impact in the lives of her clients.

Throughout her illustrious career, Gina has continuously expanded her expertise, staying up to date with the latest advancements and cutting-edge techniques in the field of medical esthetics. Her unwavering commitment to excellence has driven her to attend numerous industry conferences, workshops, and seminars, ensuring she remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving industry.

As the owner of Professional Skin Care Lab, Gina has created a haven of tranquillity and rejuvenation, where clients can experience personalized and results-driven treatments. With a meticulous and holistic approach, Gina tailors her services to meet the unique needs and concerns of each individual, promoting optimal skin health and enhancing natural beauty.

Gina's wealth of knowledge and technical proficiency extends beyond traditional skin care treatments. She is well-versed in a wide range of advanced therapies, including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures. Her ability to combine these modalities with her deep understanding of skincare ingredients allows her to deliver remarkable and long-lasting results for her clients.

Over the years, Gina has garnered a loyal following of satisfied clients who appreciate her warm demeanour, genuine care, and transformative touch. Her dedication to the craft and commitment to continuous improvement have earned her the respect and admiration of both her clients and peers in the industry.

With over 30 years of experience, Gina Gall stands as a true authority in the skin care industry. Her expertise, coupled with her passion for helping others, has solidified her position as a trusted and sought-after medical esthetician. Gina's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and her dedication to client satisfaction make her an invaluable asset to the field of skincare.

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Sonette Donker

Owner of Skin Fundi

A visionary, innovator and owner of Skin Fundi, Sonette Donker is a professional skincare specialist with more than 25 years of experience, whose passion is changing lives through changing skin.

Throughout her career, Sonette has worked with some of the leading scientific skincare brands that are loved around the world, including Dermalogica, Dermaceutic, Nimue, pHformula and optiPhi, some of which she assisted in launching into the South African professional skincare industry. However, it’s been the on-the-job experiences, such as developing and delivering effective training programmes as well as gaining marketing and customer service expertise, that have allowed Sonette to develop and be challenged in her skincare career.


She loves nothing more than a challenge! At the successfully established Skin iD Skin Studio in South Africa, Sonette prides herself in providing results-driven corrective skincare solutions to the discerning clients of Johannesburg and beyond.


Here, she provides a bespoke skincare journey for every individual, specialising in treatments for teenage and adult acne as well as treating the visible signs of ageing through the use of chemical peels (that contain a variety of active ingredients) and micro-needling (fractional collagen induction therapy) treatments. Nothing gives Sonette greater satisfaction than surpassing her client’s expectations with both products and treatments.


As part of Sonette’s desire to never stop learning and innovating, she has launched an online skincare guidance, advice and training portal for beginners, enthusiasts and pros alike. Ultimately, caring for your skin – or that of others – is simply personal. Through Sonette’s virtual consultations, you’ll be able to sort through the noise and be well on your way to healthy, glowing skin. Welcome to the Skin Fundi revolution.

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Maternity Wellness & Birth Coach


Tsholo is a Maternity Wellness & Birth Coach who has completed a BSc.BioMedicine degree and a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy. She provides support to pre/postnatal women along their journey to motherhood. Tsholo’s main focus is Science of Birth, a holistic lifestyle hub for women to explore their creative edge through well-being.

Y Swanepoel Profile.jpg

Yolandé Swanepoel

Academic Head of the Isa Carstens Academy


Yolandé Swanepoel is the Academic Head of the Isa Carstens Academy. She is an experienced Somatologist and obtained her Master of Technology in Somatology through the University of Johannesburg. She has 26 years of experience in Health and Skincare Education and serves on the SAAHSP Board as co-opted Professional Body Coordinator and on the SAAHSP CPD and Designations committee.

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