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Living Canvas is a Competitor platform that gives artists from all over South Africa the chance to showcase their art, learn new skills, meet new artists and grow artistically. The Competition covers all the art forms such as creative makeup, special effects, body and face painting. 


1. Get your badge to enter the expo area 

Register for the Professional Beauty Expo and download your badge with this link: https://pbjohannesburg.showhub.live/

2. Choose your category and Pay

Once you have downloaded your badge, select your category on Showhub:

Online Competition

  • Photographic - Theme: Phobia

Live Competition 

  • Body Painting 

Professional category - Theme: Disney

Novice Category - Theme: Disney

  • Face Painting - Theme: Famous Artists

  • Special Effects Category

Pro Category - Theme: Human Anatomy

Novice Category -  Theme: Human Anatomy

  • Creative Makeup Category - Theme: Future Of Robotics


3. Pay for entry

Once you have made your category selection/s pay for entry.

Single Category Ticket  R300

Multi-Category Ticket R500 (Please email us on: info@probeauty.co.za, to receive the discount code)

Photographic Category R300

4. Read the Rules, Regulations and Competition Timetable

Once you have paid for your category selection/s read the Rules and Regulations of the competition and keep note of the competition timetable. 

Rules and Regulations

For any competition queries please contact Tanya Olivier on makeup@tanyaolivierpma.co.za

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