Focused on educating and uplifting your profession in the Business of Beauty! 

Gone are the days where simply being a skilled PROFESSIONAL was enough to guarantee business success, YOU also have to be a skilled businessperson.


A line up of top industry experts will be sharing their Business tips to implement into your business, covering all the beauty business musts to survive in a competitive industry!


Business Seminars - Sunday

11.00 Gina Gall – Survival of the fittest
Are you on top of your game and is your business? The little things often make all the difference. Gina Gall gives her insights on running a successful business

11.45 Jared Hines - Effectively reaching the men’s market
Men! Who needs them? Well nowadays you do. The male market is growing rapidly and you need to ensure that you have a slice of the action. Jared Hines runs a successful business focussed on the sector. Learn from a man, honest it will be worth it.

12.30 Aamena Nathie - How to keep your clients
How often do you ask yourself, what more can I do to keep the business growing? One of the things you must never forget though are you existing clients. You need to ensure their loyalty above all else.

13.30 – Samantha Lewis - The Adventure of Being You in Business
In this talk, we will explore what being you in business really is about and what can be created from that space. As a Business Owner in a world of structure, how can you let your personal unique flair shine and grow your business.

14.30 Esna Colyn - Establish your business strategy
Owning a business can be very rewarding and satisfying, however, even a successful business cannot be left to its own devices. You need to grow the business and set gaols and targets for growth. Esna Colyn will give her thoughts on the how to do this and pitfalls to avoid.

15.15 Puseletso Modimogale - Goal Searching
We all need to strive to achieve and grow, however, are you aware of what you really wish to achieve? Have you really analysed what your goals should be, until you do this, you will never truly be able to achieve your goals.


Business Seminars - Monday

11.00 Managing your team, managing your business – Arno Steijn
Are the staff in your business working efficiently and effectively? Do you have the numbers and the metrics to ensure that all is well with the business. Learn how to get this information and then how to use it effectively.

11.45 Pauline van der Merwe - The Business of Branding
Branding is all about your business, it’s the thing people remember when booking an appointment or when asked by a friend for a referral. Your branding needs to be effective in making you and your business stand out.

12.30 Self Sabotage. Aamena Nathie

This is a huge problem in our industry worldwide. Professionals not asking what they are worth, discounting heavily in an attempt to compete. Aamena aims to empower salon owners to move forward in their beauty businesses and open their minds about how they can service their clients beautifully and make a profit at the same time.

13.30 Marisa Dimitriadis – Show me the money! It’s essential for any salon or spa.
Hear from one of the industry’s most passionate advocates of effective retailing, from strategy to training, incentives and product display. Marisa is an expert in this topic and her animated and motivational talk should not be missed.

14.30 Open Forum – Philip Woods-Professional Beauty
An opportunity for concerned individuals in the industry to get together to discuss the issues of the day. Whether it be legislation, or the lack of it, education, marketing, pricing and anything else that is of concern or interest to the industry. Your opportunity to vent and share. Plus, a little bit about the aims of Beauty Week

*Programme and Speakers subject to change 

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