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Innovation in Aesthetic Beauty Conference  
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Join us at the Professional Beauty Expo for the Innovation in Aesthetic Beauty Conference


Monday 29 August 2022
11:00 – 14:00

Is your clinic on the cutting edge and benefitting from the latest technology available in Med-Tech, Aesthetic Beauty & Wellness?

Presenting the International launches:

1. NEW LAUNCH: Aesthetic Treatments: Cross-linked Hyaluronic Microneedling Eye Perfusion Patches by Symphonique - Beautè Pacifique Medical Skin Care - International Master Trainer - Julia Wills (15 min)


2. NEW LAUNCH: Medical Collagen: Defiance Medical Grade Fortified Collagen - Founding Pharmacologist - Edwin Govender (20 min)

3. NEW LAUNCH: MED-TECH WELLNESS - Sprezzatura Clinical Weight & Wellness Management – Now Medical Aid NAPPI Coded and Medical Aid Claimable - Jestine Enslin (20 min)

4. NEW LAUNCH: Telogen Effluvium (Hair Loss) Treatment– NEW RapidHair Anti-Thinning Treatment Home Care Kit and in-clinic Micro-needling – trials and treatment demonstration on B2 Pavilion – International Master Trainer – Julia Wills (15min)

5. NEW: Active Cosmetics: RapidGlam Masc-Serum (Hybrid Lash Primer, Growth Serum and Mascara) from RapidLash Clinical Growth Enhancement California - The History & Re-Birth of Treatment Mascara – GM RapidLash Africa - Jana La Grange (20 min)

6. NEW INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH: Skin Diagnostics: DermaScan Validator – (5th Generation) The Role of Dermal Ultrasound in Skin Diagnosis and Treatment – International Master Trainer - Julia Wills (15 min)

7. Guest Speaker: Dr Herman van Rooyen - Beauté Pacifique Medical Institute for Africa Skin Science

“Moving into the New Age of Aesthetic Treatment and Procedures & its Impact in the Traditional Skin Care Environment “ (30min)

RSVP: 20 August 2022 @wayne@blueskyinternational.co.za 

Click here to register: https://pbgroup.online/events/professional-beauty-johannesburg-2022/signup/62f6372f7e79a50013343cd3

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