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In the March 2024 Council Chronicle, children of employers and employees in the Southern Gauteng Region (Divisions 101 and 105) were invited to apply for a Bursary grant and to submit their applications by no later than 5 April 2024. There was an error in the Division No. for Alberton and the deadline has been extended to 27 May 2024.

The AD Zakar Fund was established when the late Mr AD Zakar, a Secretary of the previous Industrial Council for the Hairdressing Trade, bequeathed an amount to the Council with the provision that the money be used for the higher education of children of persons engaged in the Hairdressing Trade in the Southern Gauteng Region (Divisions 101 and 105).

Children of employers and employees in the Southern Gauteng Region (Divisions 101 and 105) with a minimum of a matriculation certificate and who wish to study further (University/University of Technology/Technical College) are urged to submit applications for Bursary grants to the Grants Committee for consideration by 27 May 2024.

Please note:

• The student must be a South African citizen;

• The student must be the child of someone engaged in Hairdressing in the Southern Gauteng region (Divisions 101 and 105);

• The student must have matriculated;

• The student should be an above-average academic achiever;

• Students who are already studying, studying with loans or with partial bursaries and/or final year students are also eligible to apply;

• Documentary proof will be required for the above registration of the student and costs of the course (to be provided by the institution/s concerned)

• Payment will be made directly to the institution concerned.

• Grants awarded will be within the sole discretion of the Management Committee and no correspondence will be entered into in that regard

More details on the Bursary: AD ZAKAR BURSARY DETAILS

The Application Form may be accessed on the website. AD ZAKAR APPLICATION.doc (

Employers in Southern Gauteng (Div 101 and 105) are requested to provide this information to their employees please.


There has been much discussion and numerous enquiries about the so-called “two-pot” system that is being implemented later this year. Verso, the HBSI Fund Administrators have compiled a document which explains the system and provides answers to frequently asked questions in a simplified and easy-to-understand format.

The document is attached or may be accessed on our website or by clicking on this link: Verso Two-Pot (

Source: Council Chronicle for April 2024