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Nailing the Trends for 2024

The exquisite designs at this year’s Spring/Summer fashion were accessorised with the perfect nails. These coveted nail looks have influenced the upcoming nail trends for 2024, giving us a sneak peek of what to expect in terms of colours, designs, nail shapes, lengths and more.


Nail Colours seem to be more subdued and elusive, with plenty of sheers and shimmers that conjure up a dreamy, whimsical feel and feminine allure. The minimalistic designs and “barely there” manicures range from an understated yet elegant look, to more extreme, bold and opulent.



What really stood out, and has proved to be one of the exceedingly popular nail trends, is the Balletcore inspired nail looks in delicate shimmery pinks and sparkling champagne. Along with frosty chromes, soft metallic silver and a modest ensemble of embellishments, this look is beautifully finished and polished.  It’s no wonder it was showcased by most designers on the runway this year, such as  “Christian Cowan”, “Christian Siriano” and “Mirror Palais” created by celebrity manicurist Julie Kandelec and her team.


The nail looks for Christian Cowan were inspired by a compilation of varying aspects, with contrasting elements and details to perfectly compliment his expressive, yet chic and tasteful designs. Soft stiletto nail shapes were adorned with stylish and tasteful combinations, from Balletcore and subtle pinks, to more lustrous finishes in chrome, detailed French with a modern twist, and a few crystal adornments for a hint of sparkle.

Image courtesy of CND

Bedazzling Chrome

Chrome is big, and here to stay, in an array of limitless options with a dazzling iridescent effect. this look was showcased at “Mirror Palais” who went with a combination of ballet-inspired nails and chrome in neutral and muted shades of mulled light brown, creamy soft pink and peach, depending on skin tone, and capped with a layer of chrome for a sophisticated, updated look.


Whereas “Parabal Gurung’s” look was freer spirited, incorporating 3D French style designs with chrome accents to add a modern dimension to the nails. The nail looks at “Pat Bo” used 2D designs inspired by the delicate details of lace, embroidery and other textures, highlighted with chrome and crystals to emulate the gorgeous and elaborate fabrics.

French Nouveau

The timeless French manicure will always be an everlasting trend, but we love the modern twist by Christian Cowan who took this look to the next level with finer more fluid offset lines, which outlined just the smile line and edges of the nails, leaving the free edge with a negative space, that looked somewhat Art Nouveau.


However, at Alice & Olivia, instead of the traditional white tips they opted for brighter shades, as well as more playful pastels, worn on shorter nails, for a fun, light-hearted take on the typical French look. For a very up-to-the minute look, nails were polished with a clear or sheer base with different shades of polish applied to the tips of each nail.

Image courtesy of CND

 Milky White Nails

What dominated the Libertine” catwalk were nails polished in a crisp, milky white, looking startlingly gorgeous. This monochromatic look really popped against the colourful and vibrant clothing and designs.

Minimalistic Manicures

Barely-there manicures, pedicures and designs are trending big-time on the nail scene and are predicted to continue into 2024. Shorter, clean-cut nails are also making a formal comeback, polished in softer colours and neutral shades, making the look more refined than ever.


At “Sandy Liang” nails were unfussy, with a translucent pearl base and accent nails garlanded with delicate ribbons and gems. Whereas at Jason Wu, nails made more of a statement and impact with a clear base and a sequence of black dots and lines. “Christian Siriano” models showed off short nails and ballet pink, polished tips and toes that looked magnificently modish.


Classic Red

Then there’s always red – an unforgettable classic that epitomises sophistication. This was seen at “Proenza Schouler” with a bold bright red manicure. However, any red will work for any season and a shade that never goes out of style, it exudes confidence and always looks classy and sexy.


New Money Nails

Nail art is an ongoing trend, with longer lengths and more exuberant colours making a show-stopping appearance at “Priscavera”. These nails took the title of “New Money Nails” due to rich metallic chrome effects and lavish adornments.